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About Anondra Williams

Anondra "Kat" Williams is writer, poet, radio host and all around lover of words. Her first foray into writing was "black girl love" released in 2011 and her second book "SistaGirl" released August 2013. Both are a collection of short stories and poetry, detailing everyday love and life between women who love women.

Since then she has written her first novela "Pat Greene" to and is in the process of finishing her "Savannah" her first novel.

In 2009 she started Shades Retreat: Personal, You. Shades Retreat is a empowerment, growth and change retreat for queer women of color. 

My latest projects

My things...


Wandering Soup is the  home for Kat, Amber and our family. We are currently "Wandering" in Mexico.


Expect Blogs and Vlogs on planningpackingvisas, home searches, products we like and the occasional picture of something that captures our interests. Make sure you follow us on our Instagram page!


We specialize in travel all over with an emphasis on SE Asia, LGBTQI Travel, and Cruises around the world.


Ten years ago, Shades Retreat: Personal, You was started.  My founding principles were empowerment, growth, and change for Queer women of color. Southern based. 

Now Shades itself is growing, empowering and changing as we move International! Following me on my life life path. As I continue to offer more of what she has before - peace, tranquility, transformation in a safe space.  Now in a more in more luxurious setting and smaller groups leading to more one on one lessons. 

  Join us on our new journey.

As we grow, empower, and change


A Black woman, a werewolf, and a lesbian walk into a bar. Change the bar to a rundown diner in small town nowhere, and you have the beginning of Savannah's story. One filled with power, sex, and a little luck.

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