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15 Days | Anondra Williams

It's 15 days before the official release of "about love" and I almost feel as if I'm sort of ready. Not ready ready but ready if ready was the beginning of ready so...really read. And that works. Read.

As I'm preparing and anticipating I'm also flashing back to "black girl love" and the lack of. And when I say lock of I mean fear, trepidation even worry. I seriously didn't think about it at all until the day it went live and someone said they liked it. Then it clicked to me that someone might not like my words, my writing style, heck me. At that point they were all intertwined.

I sat in front of whatever model laptop I had at the time and contemplated how I would feel about the first "no like" and also the first "critical review". I think the second one mattered a little bit more...barely but still.

Here I am now with my FOURTH release and I'm preparing myself for all of the above for "about love" with growth, love and humor cause some of the reviews of "black girl love" were funny!

15 Days. I'm ready ready.


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