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Updated: Jun 26, 2020

I've been in a state of flux this week, good flux as I pivot on a handstand. I had to throw in a stripper reference because in a past life I'm certain I was one. Not this one mind you but back then. One of them at least.

Anyway I'm all over the place mentally but in a good way. Learning new things, shedding old. In a weird way life keeps bringing me back to "about love" because the stories are told in the same vein of "black girl love" but...different. And sometimes different is a good thing, great even. You, the reader, are going to have to decide.

I'ma be in the corner, balled up but scratching because my skin is going thru a dry phase. Is that oversharing? Or under oiling?

Dude what in the heck is up with that question mark???? Who did this? Why? Wix give me back a dollar or two. Now that was random. And all of this was to got your copy yet? Cop that...


#aboutlove #anondrawilliams #comingsoon #blackgirllove

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