It's TIME!! | Anondra Williams

It's finally the day before the official release day of my newest baby girl "about love"...and I'm excited! This has been the longest two weeks of my existence. Really three weeks but whose counting, well me but I digress. And just because I'm honest I thought there were 31 days in this month so......

If you have pre-ordered the E-book it releases tonight!!!!

The paperback released a week or so ago because Kindle has weird issues with paperbacks and author copies. All that to say if you ordered it in paperback, thank you! Can't wait to read your review.

I can't wait to read everyone's review. Mainly the ones who like my words. The other ones too...I guess.

Anyway. Midnight. Tonight. She's here.

Join her and I for a Facebook LIVE reading and Q&A this Friday at 9pm EST.


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