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Updated: Jun 26, 2020

And getting ready for the release. I've written "about love" and it's in the hands of my more than capable editor. Ignore any comments where she says that I cursed.

I did not.

Not loudly. Well only for a second or two. Maybe three.

Business side of things, I'll be sending out a few review copies of "about love" in the next week or so, if you are interested in receiving one, drop me a note. It's not automatic and a review is required.

On the flip side, I'm tired. Of Working. And not working. If that makes sense.

For various reasons that I'm not attempting to really define internally or externally. I plan on resting this weekend. Early to bed, late to rise type of resting.

Finishing up "about love" and attempting to finish up "Savannah" while in Hanoi is producing interesting energy. Covid-19 assisted. Turning older has not assisted. Ageing is an issue that I may resolve on my death bed.

In the meantime we are trying new tastes out while in Hanoi, including Egg Coffee. You should follow our adventures.


#Working #WorkingInHanoi

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