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Reminders aren't working. I need to blog more, promote more, talk more. I ain't got it in me right now! Maybe. Who knows. This body of mine does what it wants, when it wants. I'm accepting of that.

Ageing is a topic that's discussed but mostly in a random ish ain't working the way it use to anymore type ways. I'm experiencing an almost disconnect from my body and mental. I feel 30 in my head, like I'm just now getting who I am and what I can do, want to do. These knees though...they said SIS we ain't 30.

I get it. You can't abuse something for years and then expect a quick I'm sorry and a salad to make it right.

Even saying that, I'ma try the salad first before heading to someones gym and a health food store that doesn't sell friend chicken. Please don't say try an airfyer. I like the grease.

And I have an airfryer. what?

I should be talking about writing and not eating but they are intertwined for me. A coffee shop/co-working space that serves good food and coffee is what I seek when writing. See the connection? I type a letter, take a sip. Write a paragraph take a bite.


Today I am two cups of coffee and a taste of soup into my writing journey. I've written this blog.

See you soon.

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