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Some say that your circle can define you, help you, grow you. Some might be right. Cause you know sometimes some be on some BS. With that being said I would like to talk about those in my circle who are producing some excellent writing!


First up is Missy Mills, a poet, writer, wife, mother and friend who also happens to be the mother to my Godchild. We've known each other for what seems a lifetime but is in reality only the important part of our lives, our growth. We've collaborated on poems, stories and life.

Her first in a three part series "Garden of Eden" celebrates life, love and birth.

"It is better to give than receive so Angela believes. This happens to be the very reason Angela continues to give Sundaygar the best of herself, while attempting to hold on to a dubious and unstable relationship. One moment Sundaygar is the answer to her prayers and the next he is everything but. With Angela’s biological clock rapidly ticking and her relationship hastily declining, how much is Angela willing to sacrifice in order to meet her heart’s desire?"


Next up is my sistafriend Tawanna Sullivan. I met years ago who is the cofounder of The premier online site for Black Lesbian centric stories by us for us in the 90's and early 2000s. The archives are amazing! All that to say that Tawanna has honed her skills to knife point which is good if you like mysteries and murder. What's a little murder between friends and "family"? Find out more in her latest release "The Closet Case"

"What would you do if your ex were in trouble?

Shanice Wilkins graduated college with dreams of growing her part-time web design service into a full business. To keep her expenses low, she moved in with friends Debra and Gina. Still, turning "hang out" money into rent money isn't easy. Her bank account is struggling.

Being broke does stop Shanice from wallowing in her breakup with Renee. The gospel singer abruptly ended the relationship - no explanations given. Rather than deal with the heartbreak, Shanice concentrates on finding new clients.

When Pastor Walter Robinson and his wife Barbara contact her for a free consultation, Shanice happily makes a house call. The couple needs more than a website. They believe Renee is trying to blackmail them and want Shanice to deliver a warning.

Getting paid to talk to her ex? Shanice agrees to become a messenger. The simple task gets extremely complicated when she finds Ms. Barbara dead before Sunday service. Caught up in a swirl of gossip and suspicion, can Shanice and her friends uncover the truth before the killer strikes again?"


And last but certainly not least is Fiona Zedde, my author/writer friend who inspires me daily to follow my dreams, whatever they may be. Fiona has a new release "Femme Like Her" scheduled for December, 2020 but if you don't want to wait there are over a dozen other selections that will happily tide you over til then.

"Nailah Grant only dates studs, races her Camaro for therapy, and believes in leaving her exes in the past where they belong.

But with a layoff looming and her retired parents about to take a life-changing step Nailah isn’t ready for, her world becomes far from stable. Enter Scottie, the only femme she’s ever allowed close enough to touch her heart. They say trouble comes in threes, and this femme is one with a capital T.

Scottie is an ex though, and somebody Nailah never should have been with in the first place. Yet, when the foundations of her life crumble fast, Scottie is the one Nailah finds herself clinging to. Just as things settle into a semblance of something Nailah could only dream about, a shattering secret from Scottie’s past threatens to destroy everything the two women have built together.

Will Nailah stay the course with Scottie, or allow her fears to ruin her chance at a real and passionate love?"




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