"The Closet Case" | Review

I must start out by saying this is actually my second time reading this particular mystery and both times I was impressed with Tawanna Sullivan's work. She's a writer who see's murder and mayhem in the everyday life. I mean that's really the simpliest way to to describe anything I've ever read by her. She nuances every day people and shines the light on how simple decisions lead to drastic actions. With that being said let's get into "The Closet Case".

"A cast of real life characters in middle of "Black" America comprises a story that makes you shake your head while you turn the pages anticipating "what next". Tawanna Sullivan more than delivers with carefully crafted sentences that describe, tell and make you think at the same time. She has the gift of allowing you into the story almost as if you are one of the characters ... hopefully the one that isn't dead or should that be plural deaths?

And that's just the surface of the book add in closeted lesbians and gay men, church drama and general does she like me as much as I like her and you have the perfect page turner in "The Closet Case".

In a nutshell this story is hella relatable and that's what draws you in and keeps you there. In the back of your mind as you look up and look around between chapters, you assign the characters and situations to those you know and... I'm a huge fan of "visual" characters given life with minor cues, little drops to show who they are while allowing you space to add your own touches to the characters. Tawanna is a master of this.

Get into this great story telling of real life!"

In a nutshell if you like church, lesbians and drama then this is the book for you!


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