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It's been an interesting week that's been slow moving as well as fast-paced at the same time. We moved from Hanoi to Da Nang, Vietnam. A long slow drive thru some beautiful countryside. I napped, watched the road pass by and counted cows in between playing "Fall Out Shelter" on my Switch.

I randomly asked for a Switch for my bornday back in April and Luv (Amber) made it happen. It's the first gaming system I've ever owned being brutally honest and I've played one game on it...lmao I am not their target audience.

Today we are starting to settle into a routine of sorts. Finding coffee shops in which to work in, restaurants to order from as I've went on a mini cooking hiatus and walking the neighborhood. It's been fantastic. Relaxing and comforting as we move into our new normal.

I'm now waiting on reviews for "about love"...where you at people???

And I'm not writing. Ugh. I really am not even trying which is probably why I'm not. Tomorrow. Maybe. A chapter or two is mandatory. Though I did have a new idea that I'm researching. We shall see.

How you be? How life treating you?


P.S. That's Coconut Coffee enjoyed at Bread N Salt in Da Nang, Vietnam.

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