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2023 was a productive year for me...

January 3, 2024

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 May 20, 2024

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About Love

From the author of "black girl love" comes "about love," a collection of short stories on love in the middle. . . of life, sex, relationships, drama, hope, and failure. All from a Black woman perspective.
Two young loves face reality in “Youthful,” life is found again in "Second Coming," while sex comes to a rolling boil in "After Dinner Mint," and so much more. If you liked “black girl love,” you will be enamored as the author shows you growth and change from a real-life perspective of women loving women in “about love.”

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Pat Greene - Her Story

From the author of "black girl love" and "SistaGirl", two collections of stories and poems about me and you and the women you love comes "Pat Greene".

Pat Greene wanted to tell her story and I was willing to listen. It turns out her story is my story and your story. A story full of highs and lows of loving women from the 1950's till her now. Join in as Pat speaks from the heart, sharing the good and bad of being a black woman, of being a lesbian and more importantly being all of that and more while surviving.

From Mississippi to Michigan, journey along the great migration that is Pat Greene. Get to know Pat through the women she thought she loved, pretended to love and the one who taught her what love really is.

This is Pat Greene and her story.

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From the author of "black girl love" comes "SistaGirl" a collection of stories and poems about me and you and the women you love. Over thirty stories and poems told from the heart of every woman who loves other women be it her lover, her sista or her friend and sometimes..sometimes if we are lucky they are one and the same In the slow winding title story, “SistaGirl,” a woman declares her love for her sista girl, a love chosen, worked on and grown in the true spirit of woman on woman friendship.


In “Roses,” two women live with and in the middle of domestic abuse, giving and taking. We see the reality from both sides and the ugly truth that resides in the middle. And in “New Pussy” the grass isn’t always greener fable is explored as one woman decides that green or not she has to try it out.


This is just a sample of the written pathway that we explore about friendship, sex, love, fear, loss and everything in between as Anondra cuts to the core of the woman loving woman experience with stories that resonate with a ring of truth in each one. These stories shine a light on the everyday while exploring the nuances that are sometimes hidden or whispered about in the dark. Is it your story that she's telling? Songs grooved to while writing, "SistaGirl" Koko Taylor "Voodoo Woman" & "I'm A Woman" Aretha Franklin “Don’t Play that Song for Me” & “I Never Loved a Man” Gladys Knight & The Pips “Neither One of Us” & “I Don’t Want to do Wrong” Tell me if they fit...

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black girl love

black girl love" is a collection of well-crafted contemporary stories told from a black girls perspective on life and loving other "grown" black girls. Full of highs, lows and sex thrown in the middle of, "black girl love" contains over twenty-five stories and poems covering life, love and sex, featuring characters you will love, hate and want to fuck all at the same time.

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