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About Anondra

Anondra "Kat" Williams is writer, poet, radio host and all around lover of words. Her first foray into writing was "black girl love" and "SistaGirl". Both are a collection of short stories and poetry, detailing everyday love and life between women who love women.

Since then she has written her first novela "Pat Greene" and "About Love" another collection of short stories and poems. In 2024, Anondra will release THREE new writes including two novels and a short story collection.

In 2009 she started Shades Retreat: Personal, You. Shades Retreat is a empowerment, growth and change retreat for queer women of color.  She and her group of cohorts are planning upcoming retreats in 2025!

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About Love


Pat Greene: Her Story

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"Black Girl Love" is an explanation of why the love of a black woman quickens the woman lover in us. Each character experiences love in ways that are reminiscent of the last one you had or the one that you've always wanted.

Upcoming Events
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MAY 20, 2024!

She asked what I was seeking in life. I responded with "Peace & Pussy". So sets the premise for the latest release from the author of "black girl love" and "Pat Greene", Anondra Williams. Join Anondra as she weaves another collection of short stories and poems detailing life and love from a sapphic angle. "Peace & Pussy" is a captivating collection of short stories and poems that celebrate the rich tapestry of black lesbian relationships, navigating the realms of love, sensuality, and liberation.


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