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cruising thru life...

I've been a busy little girl lately. I flew in from the country of Georgia, not the state, after living there for four months or so, visited my Goddaughter for a week and then went on a cruise for another week.

To say that I'm still adjusting to the time change would be an understatement. Add to that the crud that I'd been battling that finally won and some seriuosly cold wet days on the cruise and after that well...remind me of why I don't like winter.

I did enjoy the cruise though I gotta wonder how people do more than 7 days. Yes me, the world traveler was perplexed, bamboozled and other adjectives because let me tell ya, 7 days was more than enough for ya girl. I was ready ready to depart...the ship, not life.

Even saying all that I sorta get it but....anyway I have another cruise in May. You wanna come with? Join me.

All that to wanna see some pictures from my cruise?


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